Please do not travel with wood on board. We do not allow outside wood into the park.
This includes Milled Lumber and Cut Offs and construction or industry wood.
Please read a very important section online at
No, but they are necessary for all long weekends. You should have confirmation for your camping vacation at least 6 weeks in advance.
Requests are made by filling in the text fields on the reservation request form /reservation-request/ . The park requires a deposit by credit payment via our secure website to confirm your reservation.
Any one making a reservation must be least 21 years of age and making the reservation for themselves.

Instructions to confirm by electronic payment follow your email request for reservations.

Algonquin Trails requires fifteen (15) days notice prior to arrival.
Upon a cancellation, your deposit will be retained by the campground.
If 15 days notice is not provided, you will be responsible to pay for your complete reservation. If you have reserved for any long weekend, you have paid in full and will not be refunded. If you choose to depart earlier then planned, for any reason, you will be responsible for all original nights booked at the time your reservation was made.
Each site has a campfire ring. Do not relocate them. Campfires must never be left unattended and be completely extinguished by 12 midnight every night of the season.
Yes, to maintain a peaceful and quiet camping experience. The gate locks between 11pm and 8 am. During this time voices are low and radios are off. When the gate is locked only emergency traffic is granted access in and out. If you have early morning activities we will provide you a parking spot just outside the gate to park in, the night before.
You are welcome to choose from what is available. We are unable to move any reservations during July and August or on any long weekend.
Just outside the campground yes, however, we do not allow them inside.
Our trails are quiet interpretive walking and cycling paths through 55 acres of environmentally protected peat forest. Path access is available between 7am and 10pm daily.
I highly doubt it. There are a lot of activity centres on site and I have an office full of ideas for off site activities in the area.
All sites have old and beautiful trees, however, since the sites stretch over 55 acres, site seclusion will vary from low to good.
Yes. We will provide a choice of locations inside the campground for your second passenger vehicle or recreational vehicles.
We allow our campers short durations in between reservations.
Otherwise, the Dwight Garden Centre (across the road) may be an option. 705 635 1696
Our indoor pool is available between July 1st until Labour day.
10 am – 7 pm In season
4 pm – 5 pm Moms & Tots only
5 pm – 6 pm over 21 only
The Dwight Beach on Lake of Bays is 600 feet of white sand and is only a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute drive. It is a public beach with boat launch. The Dog beach at the west end is no longer.
There are several marinas within 10 minutes of the campground, and Huntsville offers unique “slow” boating experiences. You can dock and walk to many businesses in their downtown corridors! Search for details.
No problem! if we don’t stock it in the General Store there are 3 grocery markets within 10 minutes, and a sporting equipment store on the way to the provincial park.
We do stock fishing equipment for sale, however, to get the best information on the region, talk to the professionals managing marinas or call The Complete Bait & Tackle Store in Huntsville @ 705-789-4123. High end tackle products along with a healthy choice of live bait.
Unleaded gasoline is available east 6 kms and west 1km at Hwy 35 & 60. Diesel is now available at Hwy 35 & 60 or 23 km’s west on Hwy 60 in the Town of Huntsville.
* CanaDream
* Owasco RV
* Cruise America
* Jurnii RV Rentals in the U.S. and Australia
* Travel-Rite Rentals in Barrie Ontario
* Rent-A-Tent in Barrie Ontario
* Camsport in Newcastle Ontario
We support all efforts made with respect to RRR but are unable to provide recycling containers in the campground due to our proximity to abundant wildlife in Algonquin Provincial Park. We request that you rinse your containers and take all additional recyclable materials to a recycling facility. Thank you.
Garbage and Recycling at the Dwight Transfer Station on Highway 60 towards Oxtongue Rapids Road 1 km east and south of the campground. For more information call 705 635 1667 or download the Lake of Bays Waste Management Calendar (PDF format)
Summer Hours (Victoria Day Weekend to last Sunday in September)
Monday – Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 10am-8pm
Winter Hours
Monday – Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 12noon – 5pm
No, we only ask that you keep the length of shower reasonable for anyone who may be waiting. Thank you.
Yes! Our campground has a long history of “the cleanest public facilities anywhere”!
Registration begins at 2pm. Ring the bell for service. Allow staff 5 minutes to arrive. Wood will be purchased before 6pm each day. The call box is removed each day at 6pm and delivery may not be available. Registrations after 6pm will be noticed via security and staff will arrive within 10 minutes to register you.
Pool available between July 1st until Labour day.
10 am – 7 pm In season
4 pm – 5 pm Moms & Tots only
5 pm – 6 pm over 21 only
Registrations are welcome until 9pm. The gate locks at 11pm, refunds are not issued for people arriving after this time.
We advise our campers not to believe the stories and reports that you hear on the radio stations or the websites posting computer generated bug reports.

Keep in mind that black flies are commonly present in the early evening for a short time in May and June and that when hiking into the woods, you are advised to take a bug repellent spray and or bug net jacket.

This camping checklist is provided by Brad at Holiday World in Orono.
They sell many wonderful recration products.
If however you forget something we do have a general store on site with staple groceries, camping basics, laundry supplies, candy, entertainment, gifts and more.
Please contact the staff at Todd’s RV Delivery and Set Up. If your trailer is getting a new address, they offer full service with insurance and over 20 years experience. Phone 905-476-9866 or click today!
Please review the weblink for MNR Zone 15. This will provide data for species and their seasons.
You can find information about activities here:
In Lakefield, just north of Peterborough.
East of us by 12 kilometers in Oxtongue Villlage.
West of us by 4 kilometers in the village of Dwight.